How to Calm Your Dog During Fireworks

Some dogs become extremely agitated around fireworks. No doubt the explosive sound can be very upsetting.

If your dog is susceptible to fireworks distress, you will discover it right away. Depending on how sever the reaction is comforting and reassuring your dog might not be enough to overcome the anxiety.

The simple solution is to keep your dog away from fireworks. When that’s not possible there are a few things you can do:

1. Stay calm yourself. If you become frantic, it will only add to the stress your dog feels.

2. Shut doors and windows to keep out as much of the sound as possible.

3. Create distractions. Music, TV, and other sounds familiar to your dog can overwhelm the explosions, or at least reduce the impact.

4. Make sure your dog has a “safe” place to retreat. Dogs like wolves instinctively seek a cave or “cave-like” area for shelter and protection. This is why I recommend using a strategically placed crate as a permanent sanctuary for your dog. When all else fails your dog will have a familiar hideout to go to until the fireworks are finished.

If you’ve provided a suitable “cave” in advance, you can avoid more drastic and unhealthy measures, such as drugging your dog or using so-called calming sprays.