Dress Up: Chase Freedom TV Spot, ‘Dog Costumes’

JP Morgan Chase is running a new commercial for their Chase Freedom card. If you haven’t seen it, here is how they describe it:

“Watch as these adorable dogs rock costumes ranging from leprechauns to baskets of balloons and patriotic outfits (including the tiny striped hat). Oh, and don’t forget the Chihuahua wearing the bling.”

Watching it made me cringe. It brought to mind the issue I have with doggie dress up. If you read my book, The Heart of Your Dog, you know that I promote teaching your dog vs. training your dog. I also question why people adopt a dog. Is it because you want to care for an otherwise sad animal and make it a member of your family? Yes is the best answer. On the other hand if you adopt a dog and treat it like a toy for your amusement, I can’t get behind that! You need to reconsider your motivations and perhaps buy a pet rock instead.

Dressing up a dog is a lot like playing with dolls. Unfortunately dogs are not dolls. They are not playthings.

Before you begin dressing up your dog ask yourself this: Would you dress up your adult children in similar costumes so you can parade them around?

Of course, dressing up dogs is not animal abuse. You are free to play dolly, if you like. But, just because your dog cooperates doesn’t mean your dog is enjoying the experience and I doubt if you are making a connection to the heart of your dog.

Oh yeah…and shame on JP Morgan Chase for promoting the practice.