Beware of the Dog with a Lost Heart

One of my neighbors keeps their German Shepard in the garage. The garage has a small outside yard enclosed with a chain link fence. The sign says “Beware of Dog”. When they got the dog, as a puppy, she was bred as soon as possible. They sold her puppies and made a nice profit.

The family has kids but they never engage with the dog. The dog never leaves the garage or the enclosure. Whenever someone (or another dog) comes within sight she barks and barks until they leave. Can you blame her?

I doubt if the dog understands what is going on. She has no idea how to relate to humans. As a small puppy she was allowed to romp in the yard and play with the kids. It was cute and entertaining. As she grew, so did the confinement and isolation.

Millions of dogs are treated this way. It’s legal. It’s sanctioned. As long as there is no physical abuse, psychological abuse is no problem.

Deep inside that dog is a heart – a lost heart. Given the opportunity the heart can still be reached. Even the hearts of legally abused dogs can be reached.