Family Dog Violence

With all the attention on the family violence NFL players have inflicted on their wives, girl friends, and kids, we shouldn’t forget the family dogs. No doubt, lurking beneath the surface there are many dogs being abused by football bullies. We just don’t see that side of the evil.

It is easy to overlook the silent suffering that millions of abused dogs endure every day in America. Without minimizing the human victims of domestic violence, consider the plight of dogs. In the cycle of rage that characterizes abuse, dogs are easy targets. It’s simple for the abusers to keep their deeds secret. Canine victims can’t report the attacks. There are too few authorities in the community who are willing and able to intercede. Even when the abuse is revealed the consequences rarely fit the crime.

According to the Humane Society, among the 2,000,000+ incidents of domestic violence each year a staggering 71% of the victims report that animals are also targeted. (

Abusing a dog is a cowardly act.