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Last updated 9/2/14



Why I wrote The Heart of Your Dog



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Simple Cover / EPUB Cover



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This image is used as the cover image for Kindle and iBook versions.




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Face to Face Thumbnail

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This picture illustrates the important face-to-face technique.  It is used for teaching, correction, giving praise, and keeping things calm.  Besides getting your dog’s attention it helps build the friendly connections vital to bringing your dog into the family circle.  The author’s son James Noyes and dog Chimo demonstrate.  James is 12.  Chimo is a 13 year old black lab mix, rescued as a pup.


Biscuit Toss Thumbnail



Download Biscuit Toss Image from Book (JPG 3.24MB, 2560 x 2864)

This picture illustrates the biscuit toss game.  It’s a game many families play with their dog.  It can be used to teach useful commands, including Pick It Up, Drop It, and Get Back There.  It can also be used to reinforce familiar commands like Stay and Sit.  More importantly the biscuit toss game is a great way to attach a less harsh meaning to Bad Dog.  James and Chimo are pictured.



Additional images available upon request.


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