Look Out!

Dogs love to curl up and nap by your feet. Awww.
It warms your heart that it wants to be so close to you. That’s probably true. But another reason your dog has for such proximity is that when you move, it will be alerted that something might be happening.

Dog’s love to be underfoot for that reason. Too often though they block your way. You can yell at your dog or step on your dog, but there is a better way.

Teach your dog the “Look Out” command. It’s easy and your dog will appreciate the consideration.

If your dog is blocking your way, as you approach repeat “Look Out” in a calm voice. At first your dog won’t understand. When you reach your dog gently – very gently – nudge your dog with your feet until it gets out of the way. While you are doing that repeat “Look Out” over and over. After a few times your dog will catch on and know whenever it hears “Look Out” it’s a signal to move.

Update: For the elder dog try stepping around it rather than making it move. I am working with a 14 1/2 year old black lab that is struggling a bit. After so many years of loyalty, she is entitled to special consideration.